Treat painful orofacial trigger points at the source.


rofacial pain is a chronic condition that occurs when soft tissue in the facial region becomes inflamed, causing discomfort. Trigger points refer to stiffness, painful or limited range of motion, and tender muscles or tendons that "twitch" when provoked. If you've ever had a "stiff neck" or a "jaw ache," you have experienced what a trigger point.

Orofacial trigger points can be linked to a variety of factors -- from injury or muscle strain to overuse or misuse. Misaligned teeth, teeth grinding, anxiety, and stress are common culprits when it comes to orofacial pain trigger points. Certified by AAFE, Dr. Wakim is uniquely poised to treat these and other causes of orofacial pain trigger points.


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What does orofacial pain trigger point treatment look like?

Treatment for orofacial pain trigger points will vary patient to patient. Your treatment may consist of therapies that address sleep disturbances such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Bruxism (excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching), facial muscle tension, and more. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about what your unique orofacial pain treatment plan would look like.

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My pain is nowhere near my jaw... could it really be caused by teeth grinding?

Yes. Patients may experience orofacial pain in a different region than where the trigger point is located. To ensure you are accurately treating your orofacial pain trigger points, it is best to check in with a trained orofacial pain trigger point expert.

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State of the art office with a highly educated professional team. Everyone is so understanding and takes the time to make you comfortable. This is the office for you if you're not a fan of the dentist, you'll quickly forget that you're at a doctors office! It's so fun and relaxing! Highly recommend!

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As an older patient and have had other dentists for years. Dr. Wakim and her staff have exceeded any experience I've had previously. Very supportive of the care and treatment that I'm in need of, with no pressure. I also have several family members who are her patients. Todays experience surprised me, I was to have a crown replacement and was accommodated with 2 other procedures, wow.

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For someone who anxiety about dental work, this has been an amazing place for me. I had considered sedation dentistry, but I’m glad I came here instead. Dr. Wakim and the whole staff are so great!

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Dr. Liza is an exceptional dentist! She has repaired my front tooth and it is as good as the original! I love the comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff. Can't wait to go back to the dentist!

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Dr. Wakim and her staff are fantastic!!! I had a tooth issue right before I was to leave on vacation and was beyond miserable. Dr. Wakim took care of me last minute on a holiday weekend and I was able to enjoy my vacation pain free. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Dentist that cares about her patients. Thank you Dr. Wakim!!

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Great dentist ! Very friendly and helpful staff ! All the latest equipment. Your choice of music. I've had extensive dental work done including, bridges, implants and crowns. They caught the beginnings of gingivitis today and treated it. I'm 100% satisfied !

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