The Pankey Institute is a world-renowned institution for dentistry that is located in Biscayne, FL. This is where dentists  who want to not only improve their technical skills-- but also improve how they connect with their patients-- go to get advanced education in both. This is an elite facility that offers relevant hands on training-- and its coursework can make all the difference in a dentists’ practice. This is why Dr. Elizabeth Wakim decided to enroll-- she wanted to go above and beyond to make her patients’ experiences the best they can be.

In this article, we’ll take a look at:

  • What is the Pankey Institute
  • The Pankey philosophy
  • Dr. Wakim’s story
Pankey Institute
Image courtesy of the Pankey Institute. The Pankey Institute offers state of the art training in their facilities. Students are able to hone their skills and put them to practice.

What is the Pankey Institute?

The Pankey Institute is named in honor of Dr. L.D. Pankey, who was a dental pioneer and educator. Its founders wanted to create a place where dentists could turn to when they felt they needed some extra education and training. It was designed to offer post-graduate coursework to dentists at all levels of the profession-- from fresh out of dentistry school to mid-career. Dentists come from all over to sharpen their skills, or to learn something new. Sometimes they also come to learn more innovative ways to connect with their patients.

The institute offers state of the art equipment to train its students on the latest developments in dental technology-- but perhaps more importantly-- its patient-focused courses offer new ways for dentists to interact with and assist their patients. The curriculum is broken up into four Essential Courses-- such as Aesthetic and Functional Treatment Planning-- which focuses on helping dentists focus on predictability, profitability, and fulfillment. The institute also offers Focus courses-- such as Dental Sleep Medicine and Practice Management-- which offer a more in depth approach to the latest developments and technological advances in dentistry.

Pankey Institute
Image courtesy of the Pankey Institute. The Pankey Institute seeks to build better and lasting relationships between dentists and their patients.

The Pankey Philosophy

The Pankey Institute was created to assist dentists in creating more patient-focused practice-- to help them listen to their patients and create better, lasting relationships with them. Dr. Pankey knew that this is what made dentistry so fulfilling to him-- his relationships with his patients. He wanted to help other dentists realize this as well, and focused on created methods that would be able to assist them. The Pankey mission is to “bridge the gap between what is known and what is practiced.” By looking at how their curriculum seeks to teach just that-- and seeing so many successful alumni currently in practice-- it is safe to say that the Institute is doing what it set out to do.

Offering dentists a place to develop skills and learn the latest technology through a specialized curriculum is a great way to carry on the legacy of Dr. Pankey. These classes are offered onsite, but they also offer some great opportunities to learn online to make it even easier to keep up with all the latest developments in dentistry.

Pankey Institute
Image courtesy of the Pankey Institute. Dr. Wakim was trained at the Pankey Institute and seeks to apply its mission to create a patient-focused practice each day.

Dr. Wakim’s Story

After Dr. Elizabeth Wakim graduated from dental school, she knew right away how she wanted to practice dentistry.  After gaining experience, she opened up her own practice in Washington, PA with one goal in mind-- to be the number one dentist in Washington. But where do you start? She knew exactly where to begin-- at the Pankey Institute. She trusted the mission of the institute, and firmly believed that a patient-focused practice was the way she wanted to run her business. When your patients are happy, they keep coming back. They also tell their friends and other acquaintances how their dentist goes above and beyond to ensure the patients have the best dental experience possible. The Pankey Institute trained Dr. Wakim in all the latest procedures and technologies-- but it also confirmed what she already knew-- the key to a meaningful practice is developing relationships with your patients.

Dr. Wakim has worked hard to ensure she and her staff make this their goal everyday, for every patient. By applying the skills and procedures she learned at the Pankey Institute, Dr. Wakim’s practice is the number one dentist in Washington, PA. Her friendly office strives to make visiting the dentist a fun experience, and her happy patients can attest to that.

When you’re ready to see the difference a Pankey-trained dentist makes, contact the offices of Dr. Elizabeth Wakim. Her friendly staff will be happy to schedule an appointment for you!