How to Have Fun with Flossing

Products that Can Make Flossing an Enjoyable Part of Your Day

October 26, 2023
Oral Health

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While dentists all over the world encourage their patients to floss regularly, not everyone adheres to their advice. When asked why they don’t floss, people give reasons for like it takes too much time or it makes their gums bleed, but what if there was a way to make flossing enjoyable? Well, there is! In fact, there are multiple ways. Start reading to learn more about:

  • The Importance of Flossing
  • Products that Make Flossing More Fun
  • Floss for the Eco-Conscious

The Importance of Flossing

Each time you visit a dentist’s office, the staff always stresses the importance of flossing, and for good reason. There are quite a few benefits that come from flossing. This simple act that takes only a few minutes per day helps protect against bad breath, gingivitis, plaque build-up, and other gum diseases. Combined with brushing your teeth and other dental practices, this can lead to a whiter smile and healthier teeth.

Products that Make Flossing Fun

A common complaint that people have about flossing is that it takes too much time. If flossing were more enjoyable, though, people might be more inclined to take the extra few minutes out of their day.


Soothing Floss with Coconut Oil

A picture of Fresh Coconut, Pure Strawberries, and Delicious Mint Cocofloss.

Cocofloss, which is infused with coconut oil, is gentle on gums and makes flossing fun. Image courtesy of Cocofloss.

Cocofloss, invented by Chrystle and Catherine Cu, is a brand of floss that is gentle and soothing on the gums, thanks to the inclusion of coconut oil. It comes in fun flavors, too, like… mint, coconut, strawberry, and orange. There are even limited-time flavors, like vanilla bean, pure peppermint, and passion fruit! The fibers themselves are blue, making the food particles and plaque easily visible so people can see instant results. The Cu sisters emphasize comfort and sustainability in all of their products.

Gummy Floss

The World’s First Silicone Rubber Dental Floss

This shows a packet of GummyFloss. There are five red and five blue flossers.
GummyFloss is flexible and mint-flavored and comes with thumb grips to make flossing easier. Image courtesy of GummyFloss.

Gummy Floss is the world’s first silicone rubber -- as opposed to nylon -- floss. Brightly colored, infused with yummy flavors, and designed with thumb grips, this brand of floss is a good option to introduce kids to flossing. However, Gummy Floss -- like all floss in general -- is for all ages!


The One-of-a-Kind Way to Floss

GumChucks, a play on the word “nunchucks,” is a new way to floss. Image courtesy of Growing Smiles.

Another product for both children and adults is GumChucks. This device consists of two handles that are connected by a piece of floss. On the packages of the products aimed at kids, there is a superhero named “Plaque Man” and a small bio about him, including skills and some of his favorite things. On their website, they have flossing charts, a certificate, and themed coloring pages to encourage kids to floss. GumChucks are also braces-friendly; the product named “ORTHOgami” allows those with braces to floss in less than two minutes.

Floss for the Eco-Conscious

Regular floss is made of waxed nylon, which is not recyclable nor decomposable. However, there are a few environment-friendly floss brands out there for those who want to protect their teeth and the environment.


Environmentally-Friendly Floss and Packaging

This shows four packages of WooBamboo floss. There is a panda wearing sunglasses at the top, and there is a description of the floss above the role of floss itself.
WooBamboo! makes organic floss whose packaging is made of post-consumer waste. Image courtesy of WooBamboo!

WooBamboo! sells organic floss made of silk and coated with natural wax. The entirety of the product is environment-friendly; the packaging is post-consumer waste-based, plant-based, and recyclable. The floss itself is even biodegradable, unlike traditional floss.

PearlBar Floss Picks

Floss Picks Infused with Charcoal

This is an image of a small, brown package of PearlBar charcoal-infused floss picks. A singular floss pick is also shown to the left side of the package.
These charcoal-infused floss picks are great for your teeth and the environment. Image courtesy of PearlBar.

Another option is charcoal-infused floss picks from PearlBar. Activated charcoal has been infused into these picks, which are cruelty-free and vegan. In addition, both the picks and package are biodegradable, taking only 6 months to decompose. Easily transportable, breath freshening, and environmentally friendly, these floss picks are a win-win-win.

Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser

Reduce Floss Waste with Water Flossers

This shows a box of Zerhart's water flosser. The flosser itself is bigger and the highlight of the image. There are three interchangeable tips shown, too.
Water flossers are also an environmentally friendly alternative to flossing. Image courtesy of Amazon.

This handheld device that sprays water between your teeth, removing food particles and freshening your breath. For those who have difficulty flossing because of braces or other reasons, water flossers might be the solution. This specific water flosser, the Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser, comes with various colored tips, making them ideal for families who all want to use a water flosser.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun, new products that can make flossing more enjoyable. If you’re someone who doesn’t floss as much as you should, buying one of these products might make you more inclined to do so. That way, the next time you’re at your regular dental check-up and your dentist asks if you floss regularly, you can answer with pride that yes, you do.

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