With the increase in the rate of mortality and morbidity from life threatening illnesses, people are more health conscious today than ever. The saying, "If you have good health, you have everything", is gaining more relevance and becoming more appreciated.

Results of research have projected the growth in the interests of the public in various aspects of health, ranging from diet to meditation, for a healthy mental state. For the healthcare system, this is a good turn.

If the majority of people should continue in this direction, then we can boldly say that we are on our way to becoming the healthiest generation ever.

To find out the trending health practices in 2022, keep following.

What Are These Health Trends?

1. Mindful Eating.

The place of  proper dieting in maintaining or gaining good health cannot be overemphasized. 

Research has revealed the increasing interests of people in different aspects relating to healthy dieting; keto diets, intermittent fastings, healthy carbs, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, etc. These are healthy diets for peculiar health needs. 

A major trend is the increase of interest in plant based diets and animal based diets. This is a good one, because the healthiest diets of the year are more tuned towards these plant based diets as well.

When attention is paid to the quality of food consumed, then the right nutrients are sure to be gotten. This will definitely go a long way in increasing longevity of life and decreasing the rate of morbidity and mortality.

2. Prioritizing Mental Health.

From the use of mobile applications to determine symptoms of stress, to noting these symptoms and researching on ways to prevent and manage them, research has shown that people are becoming more conscious and serious about their mental health.

Depression has been a leading cause of death and suicide in the last decade, it's not surprising that people are looking towards building a more secure mental health. 

Keeping track of stress levels and preventing severe stress greatly supports good health, as severe symptoms of stress have negative effects on the brain and other vital systems of the body.

Various relaxation techniques being followed include; meditation, wearing cortisol level wrist trackers, breathing exercises, etc.

3. Timely Medical Checkup.

Over the years, most people have been ignorant of the importance of frequent checkups medically. The increase in public health sensitization has helped the public look beyond medical cost, and see the importance of timely medical checkups.

When people monitor their health status frequently, it goes a long way in helping to prevent a lot of diseases from occurring. Frequent medical checkup will also help in detecting any health issue at an early stage, which can greatly decrease life threatening complications and death.

4. Mindful Drinking.

Research has projected an increase in the interest of the public on the importance of hydration, tips for better hydration, and how to cut down on alcohol. People are becoming more conscious of their levels of alcohol intake, and this is a good turn.

The impact of alcohol on the liver is no longer news to any adult. People develop hepatitis and other liver complications mostly from alcoholism than from other causes. Being conscious of the number and type of drinks consumed, is a very good step towards promoting good health.

5. Making Gut Health A Priority.

According to the Zoe report, one of the trending health practices is microbiome health. This is indeed great, because a healthy gut microbiota is greatly needed for a healthy life.

A healthy gut contains certain healthy bacteria. These bacteria are needed for proper functioning of the digestive system; the absorption and utilization of nutrients. 

Processed foods are the least healthy for the gut. This is because they contain little or no probiotics. Healthy choices are vegetables, and fruits like berries and bananas, fermented products like yogurt and kombucha or just check Beyond Body Review.

Hydration, quality sleep and probiotic supplements are also ways of improving gut health.

6. Intentional Exercise.

Exercise, they say, is good for both the body. Mindful exercise is not just good for the body, but also for the soul.

Research shows that exercise leads to the release of serotonin, which is helpful in bringing about relaxation, relieving stress and preventing depression.

Being intentional about exercising is, of course, a good turn for global health. With exercise being part of our plans and schedules, many diseases and health concerns will be prevented. Health Reporter explains that merely walking for up to five miles a day can be of great health benefits.

7. Improving Immunity.

A strong immune system is very helpful in fighting against diseases and maintaining the integrity of vital body organs. This immunity is both innate and acquired. Acquired immunity consists of antioxidants, such as tocopherol and retinol. These can be gotten richly from fruits and vegetables. 

Many people are beginning to understand this, hence the major trend in consumption of fruit salads and fruit smoothies. If we can continue this, then a good number of diseases will be waved goodbye in the nearest future. 


Gaining a great health status encompasses all aspects relating to health- diet, drinking and hydration, exercise, stress control, medical checkups, and the likes. Over the years, there's been an increased rate of untimely deaths and the occurrences of morbid and comorbid conditions even among the younger generations.

So far in 2022, research has shown how the interests of many have been shifted towards more healthy practices, yielding a good turn in the health trends for the year.

If these practices can be followed judicially, then there's hope for a healthier generation.