Because who doesn’t Love a good skin care routine? 

Skin care products such as moisturizing creams become a lot more popular in the holiday months around winter time, and skin care products are always, ALWAYS a great gift for someone! No matter who the gift is for, skin care products are fun to use and some even have benefits. These benefits include adding hydration to the skin, brightening and firming the skin, as well as helping to get rid of those blemish spots! Check out some of these products you might consider for your next purchase. 

Versed Calm, Clear, and Holiday Cheer Skin Destressing Gift Set

Stress can create different symptoms amongst us depending on the person and circumstance. Around the holidays, it can be stressful for many when it comes to coordinating plans with friends and family and finding the right gifts for people. If you’re like me, you might deal with acne breakouts from time to time when you get stressed. If you know of someone who complains about acne breakouts, the Versed Calm, Clear, and Holiday Cheer Skin De-Stressing Gift Set could be the perfect holiday gift for you to give someone this season! This gift set consists of a clarifying serum, a moisturizing gel cream, and a facial acupressure. 

The Just Breathe Clarifying Serum will help reduce inflammation and keep acne breakouts under control with two forms of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that can reduce acne by exfoliating the skin. When the skin is exfoliated, our pores become clearer, which gets rid of the oil buildup that produces acne. The moisturizing gel cream (Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream) helps to nourish complexions and give the skin a bit more brightness in areas of dark spots. Finally, that facial acupuncture wand pictured in the center can help deflate puffy skin under the eyes or any other kind of inflammation issue. You can purchase this kit from Versed’s website for $20.

Versed's gift set
Versed’s set costs only $20, while many other sets with similar products could be upwards of $100. Image courtesy of Versed.


Mario Badescu Cleanse & Hydrate Collection

Mario Badescu cleanse and hydrate collection
Image courtesy of Nordstrom, where you can find the Mario Badescu Cleanse & Hydrate Collection for just $20. 

Face mists are a nice way to hydrate your skin and make it glow. The cleanse & hydrate collection by Mario Badescu offers five products:

  • Clean Facial Spray
  • Hyaluronic Dew Cream
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Caffeine Eye Cream
  • Hyaluronic Dew Drops 

The benefits of hyaluronic acid are really what make this collection stand out. Hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin stay moisturized, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topical treatments can help with skin inflammation and acne. 

Cryo Facial Set

Many of us really struggle with bags/puffiness around our eyes, and if you know of any friends who complain about this issue you should consider getting them the Cryo Facial Set from Dr. Madh Skin Solutions. These gold and chilly wands serve to relieve puffiness around the eye area. The wands work primarily to help with eye puffiness but can also increase lymphatic drainage, tighten skin, and decrease pore size for a glow that will shine like no other. 

Cryo facial set
Image courtesy of thirteen lune, where you can find the cryo facial set for $100. Pricey, but could be valuable for those struggling with puffy eyes!

Tiege Hanley’s Men’s Skin Care Gift Set

Tiege Hanley lip balm being applied
Lip balm from the Tiege Hanley Set. Image courtesy of Amazon, where you can purchase the whole set for $24.99.

This affordable skin care set by Tiege Hanley could be the perfect gift for your man, or anyone you think might be interested in using these products! 

This set includes four simple products:

  • Face Wash
  • Moisturizer with SPF
  • Lip Balm with SPF
  • Lightly Exfoliating Bar Soap

This set is very simple to work with and these products all contain benefits. Face wash will help to keep the face clean and healthy. Many of us don’t use a face wash at all, opting to rinse our faces off in the shower instead. However, face washes are created to specifically tackle the oils, dirt, and residue in our faces. A moisturizer is always good to have handy in case dry skin becomes an issue, which could very well happen in the holiday months around winter time. A lip balm will act similarly to the moisturizer in that it hydrates the lips when they get too dry. Last but certainly not least of the set is a lightly exfoliating bar soap. Exfoliating helps keep your skin smooth and soft by stripping away all of those dead skin cells. Exfoliating can help to even out our skin tone and prevent acne. 

Fria Skin Care Fridge in Rose Gold

Yes that’s right, a skin care fridge. This is the ultimate gift for that friend who is really into their skin care! This fridge by Vanity Planet will store all products that need to be cooled. These products include masks, creams, and derma rollers

Skin care fridge from vanity planet
You can find this skin care fridge from Vanity Planet on Nordstrom for $95. Image courtesy of Vanity Planet

All in all, you can buy ANYONE skin care products as holiday gifts. There’s always a product out there for someone to benefit from, and who wouldn’t want their skin looking its best? Happy shopping!