Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry to Improve Confidence

If you’re unsure which procedures would be best for you, contact an orthodontist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry to discuss your options.

October 26, 2023

While standard types of dentistry ensure your teeth are in good health, cosmetic dentistry is all about aesthetics. The various options that fall under the umbrella heading of cosmetic dentistry improve the appearance of one’s teeth and smile.

The good news is, cosmetic dental work doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so it’s no longer reserved for the likes of fabulously rich celebrities.

Multiple procedures are affordable these days. Therefore, you might like to consider the following types of affordable cosmetic dentistry so that you can improve your teeth and your smile. And when you make your teeth more aesthetically pleasing, you’re sure to improve your confidence as well. 

Teeth Whitening

Seeing as cosmetic dentistry has become more accessible and affordable, you no longer have to take out a second mortgage or cash in your SoFi IRA in order to afford a million-dollar smile. So, spend some time shopping around with different orthodontists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry to find the most affordable options. One of the most popular procedures that you’ll want to consider is tooth whitening. The color of your teeth can affect how you feel about your smile. By whitening your teeth, you’ll want to smile more. In turn, you’re sure to gain a lot more confidence with social interactions.

On the other hand, if you have discolored or stained teeth, you’ll likely be shyer and more reserved and won’t want to smile in front of people as much. So, teeth whitening will improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, and it will boost your confidence levels.

While there are over-the-counter teeth whitening options available, such as whitening toothpaste, such products don’t provide end results as good as professional whitening services. Professional tooth whitening is designed to remove more discoloration and it can help to keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Dental Crowns

If your bite alignment is poor or if you have cracks, chips, or decay in your teeth, you’ll want to consider getting dental crowns. They not only help to improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental crowns also help to make the structure of your teeth and your jaw stronger.

Having dental crowns fitted is a straightforward and affordable procedure, so talk to an orthodontist about possibly getting this work done. You can then improve the aesthetic quality and healthiness of your teeth, and improve your confidence.

Teeth Contouring

Chips, ridges, and awkwardly shaped teeth might only be minor issues from a health point of view. But when they affect your ability to give a polished smile, your confidence can be significantly affected.

So, you should consider teeth-contouring. The simple and painless procedure involves a professional dentist using a drill or laser to improve the contours of the teeth. The process is quick, simple, and affordable.

Inlays and Onlays

Implants and bridges can be quite costly, but inlays and onlays are affordable alternatives that you should consider. The procedure involves applying a tooth-colored material to your teeth, which will repair imperfections, provide reinforcement, and improve the aesthetic nature of your teeth.

Composite Dental Bonding

Lastly, if you have gaps in your teeth, an issue with weak teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, or poor tooth structure, you should consider composite dental bonding. The dental procedure can improve such issues, and the process is quick and affordable.

Tooth-colored resin is applied to affected teeth. It’s then formed into the right shape and set with ultraviolet light.

Final Thoughts

If you’re unsure which procedures would be best for you, contact an orthodontist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry to discuss your options.

You can then select the right procedures to improve your teeth and smile.

In turn, you’ll be able to boost your confidence.

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